Welcome to the Flyways family of elite wingshooting lodges.  We graciously invite you to join us in Cordoba, Argentina for a dove hunting experience second to none. Our three distinguished lodges – Los Chanares & Posta del Norte – offer world-renowned shooting, an entirely unique brand of luxury and legendary hospitality.  For other worldwide hunting options, including elite European wingshooting options, visit our partners at www.jagdstiedl.com.


Argentina Dove Hunting

For years, Los Chanares and Posta del Norte have been considered the “best of the best” when it comes to Argentina dove hunting.  In 2010, we were honored to have Los Chanares become the first hunting lodges outside of the US endorsed by Beretta’s prestigious Trident Program. Later in 2010, we purchased and renovated Posta del Norte, making it the newest member of the Flyways family.  In 2011, owner and outfitter David Perez created Flyways as the umbrella company covering Argentina’s most exclusive line of wingshooting lodges.

Los Chanares

Beretta Trident Lodge

It has been called “the finest dove hunting lodge in the world” by critics, clients and competitors alike.  Los Chanares is the ONLY Cordoba dove hunting lodge with an expansive section of the famous Macha dove roost on its own private property.  High-volume shooting is sometimes done within walking distance of the lodge and drive times average just 5 to 10 minutes.

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– 5-minute drives

– Non-stop shooting

– Luxury accommodations

Posta del Norte

Orvis Endorsed Destination

Posta del Norte has enjoyed a stellar reputation for years, but when Flyways purchased it in 2010, the intimate lodge known for its “gaucho bar” went from being world famous to being world class.  Posta del Norte’s fantastic shooting is not only as good as ever, but in fact has improved with more field options and a new field management team.  The lodge itself has undergone extensive renovations and now carries the uncommon standard of excellence that Flyways lodges are renowned for.  

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– Ideal for small private parties

– No-limit shooting year-round

– 5-star amenities & cuisine

David Bodai

Custom Sporting

David Bodai is the founder of Custom Sporting, a highly specialized marketing and consultation company with a focus on worldwide wingshooting.  David has hunted at, and critiqued, over 60 places in Argentina alone as well as several places in Uruguay, Bolivia, Mexico, the United States and throughout Europe. He offers the kind of objective advice that only comes from wide-ranging experience in the field. Since 2005, David has been working with Flyways lodges to bring US and worldwide wingshooters the very best of Argentina dove hunting.

For bookings and wingshooting consultations contact David Bodai at +1-512-534-0102 (US Direct) or by email at info@customsporting.com

International Bookings

+1-512-534-0102 / david@argentinaflyways.com

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